Smart Plant Care

Florja is a cloud based plant management platform that allows users to monitor the current status of their plants from anywhere and at any time. Real-time measured values for soil moisture, soil temperature and salinity are combined and visualized with external weather data. Active warnings and coordinated work plans are triggered directly by the system, irrigation can be automated intelligently and individually for each farm, water consumption can be measured and optimized.

Our open platform architecture allows the connection of additional sensors and applications now and in the future as needed - thus almost any business process "to be measured" can be integrated. We support LoRaWAN and WLAN radio technology, enabling our customers to process their own large-area cultivation areas as well as customer gardens / parks with the same system. Customers can use any Internet-capable device, reports can be intuitively created and distributed.

Smart Plant Care - Plant Care with the Florja Cloud results in long term care planning

Florja Cloud Platform

Florja is very intuitive and all plant, sensor and irrigation data can be easily set up and maintained by the user. All information regarding plants and their development / well-being can be viewed at any time, work steps can be planned and optimized for the management of plantations (nurseries and municipalities). Customer data in connection with customer plants, locations and necessary maintenance steps make the platform a very suitable customer care tool (landscapers and garden centers). External and already existing (internal) data can be easily integrated and, just like the sensor and plant data, updated in real time. Sensors are very easy to install and extremely low-maintenance, the platform is open to other sensors, also from other manufacturers, and with our "low-power" wireless technology, ranges of several kilometers are no problem. And "last but not least" Florja is scalable at any time - we can therefore adapt very flexibly to your needs.

Smart Plant Care - the Florja Cloud Platform

Sensors and Smart Irrigation

Florja gives the term "smart irrigation" a completely new dimension. We can not only include real time sensor data (soil moisture and soil temperature) but also weather reports, weather station data, UV radiation, wind, location and water stress experience of the gardeners in an intelligent way in an irrigation decision. Flexible combinations between timer, smart irrigation and ad hoc irrigation can be changed and adjusted by the user at any time from anywhere (!) using any device (smartphone, tablet, desktop). Another revolutionary change compared to conventional systems is the fact that our B2B customers can easily customize Florja to their own internal requirements and do not have to adapt their processes to our software. For example, GaLaBauers can install sensors and/or irrigation systems at their customers, monitor them and thus provide the customer with optimal services and generate enormous added value. And last but not least: we are able to map most modules of an already existing irrigation infrastructure in our software and integrate them with our hardware!

Smart Plant Care - Sensors and Smart Irrigation

Reporting and Planning

Florja can easily, quickly and in real time perform evaluations of all data maintained in the system (plants, sensors, locations, customers, etc...) both on demand and automatically: as a snapshot or developments over specific periods of time (week, month, growth cycle). Users can independently create reports and monitor complex relationships and business processes using common formulas and functions. External data can be integrated into the process and, if desired, calculations can also be created in reports. Florja offers many visualization tools natively, e.g. graphs for individual sensors, combined comparison charts of acreage, charts related to specific crops, dashboards with cumulated sensor data for specific regions and much more. Intelligent algorithms allow users to receive or send pro-active messages in case of special events. Our open interface allows data export to Excel or other programs, for example to create work plans or update existing lists. Last but not least, all these evaluation and visualization functions are available on smart phone, tablet and desktop in an extremely user-friendly way.